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Meet Heather

Calm, cool, and collected. Believes in living a slow, conscious life. Obsessed with turmeric lattes and early morning sunrises. At home at a desk or on the road, always seeking her next adventure. Her mantra? The world is what you make it.


Product Description

Pairing versatile wear with contemporary comfort for a slipper which takes you out of the everyday office and on a journey all your own. From the home studio to the open road, we’ve reimagined the way you work and roam.


Product Details

Concepted by us. Created by Peruvian artisans. Hand-crafted using the finest materials.

These furry slippers feature a sleek, minimalist design and durable materials perfect for transition from indoors to out. Made with ethically-sourced, genuine sheepskin and baby alpaca fleece, each pair of our luxury slippers are designed to work with you and your lifestyle. Imagine a slipper that acts like a shoe yet feels like a dream. Yeah, we’ve reimagined the way you step in comfort. So go ahead and #workfromhome in comfort (and style).

Product Specs

  • Designed for the modern wo(man) - Hand crafted using the finest materials and minimalist design
  • Beautifully versatile - Made for the freelancers, the work-from-the-couchers, the creative hustlers
  • Workwear, reimagined - Whether your office is the great outdoors or a cozy studio, ordinary workwear is a thing of  the past   


    The Work from Home shoe is handcrafted by Peruvian artisans using genuine sheepskin and baby* alpaca fleece. The fleece was selected for its incredibly soft, lightweight, durable, and hypoallergenic qualities. Air pockets unique to alpaca fibers make the fleece warm but breathable while also providing a luxuriously cozy feel - perfect for all day wear. 

    *Note: Baby alpaca fleece does not come from new born. It is a grading of how fine the fiber is (21.5micron).

    Sizing - Small, Medium, Large
    Size US Sizes Euro Sizes UK Sizes
    Small 7-7.5 37-38 5-5.5
    Medium 8-8.5 38-39 6 - 6.7
    Large 9-9.5 39-40 7-7.5


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